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International Space Weather Camp 2016
February 11, 2016 Bursaries

Calling all final year BSc/BEng/Honours students! SANSA in collaboration with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will be hosting an International Space Weather Camp. This is a great opportunity to learn all about space science and technology.

The International Space Weather Camp (ISWC) is an opportunity for students from South Africa, Germany and the United States of America to learn about space weather, a relatively new and exciting field involving the study of the Sun and its influence on space and the Earth’s upper atmosphere as well as the impacts of solar events on space and ground based technological systems that modern society rely on daily. The Camp will consist of a series of lectures, hands-on projects and other interesting activities.
The ISWC will take place from 22 June to 14 July 2016. The Camp will be divided into two parts the first taking place at SANSA in Hermanus, South Africa from 22 June – 02 July and the second taking place at DLR in Neustrelitz, Germany from 03 – 14 July 2016. At SANSA, the Camp will focus on topics that include heliospheric, ionospheric, magnetospheric and plasma physics; middle atmosphere; space weather; satellite and space science applied technology and ground based space science instrumentation. In addition, participants of the Camp will go on field trips to other South African space related institutes and programmes within the Western Cape.
During the German session the students will visit various centres of research including the Neutralitz site of the German National Aeronautics and Space Centre (DLR), University of Rostock and Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics e.V in Kühlungsborn to learn more about the Earth’s upper atmosphere.
The ISWC Camp offers students a great platform to interact and engage with students and researchers from around the world. During the ISWC students will also get an opportunity to learn about other cultures as well as historic developments of space activities in Germany and South Africa.
The International Space Weather Camp is coming to South Africa for the first time since its inception in 2011. Initially the ISWC (formerly JSWSC, Joint Space Weather Summer Camp) was a partnership between DLR, University of Rostock and University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAHuntsville). The collaboration has extended to SANSA joining DLR and UAHuntsville in participating and hosting in a trilateral arrangement.
Important Information
Successful applicants will be fully funded to participate in the ISWC, funding will include transport, accommodation, meals and German visa.
Any ISWC queries should be send to
How to apply
Applications closes on 9 March 2016. Click here to apply online
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